Why Us.

We are a business services company that manages and executes projects from start to finish. With a focus on building relationships with our clients and fulfilling their needs.

How It Works

Local and Global experts..

We are experts in Saudi success and driven by the knowledge that shared trade and prosperity brings cultures together in pursuit of mutual economic benefit. We have supported many international companies to be successful in Saudi. UCI delivers professional, quality services aligned to international standards

The perfect mix of talent and technology

Our people and our technology have always set us apart. Together, they empower legal entities globally to work smarter, grow faster, act responsibly, minimise risk and scale across borders.

Our Story…

100% Saudi owned company, focused on enabling clients to achieve success in Saudi. The foundations of the company are the management consulting and support services teams, positioning UCI as the delivery partner of choice for both Government and international business.

We’re behind our clients every step of the way

We continue to innovate and grow together with our clients, These case studies detailsome of the work we do to help our clients make a difference.

A Trusted Company

Our goal is to be the trusted partner, delivering a consistent and frictionless experience supported by best-in-class services

They say genius is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration. What if you could give that 1% your 100%? With our  services doing the hard work keeping your business and legal entities in order, you get more time to work on your next big innovation.

Doing the right thing


Doing the right thing is at the heart of our business. It’s a commitment we focus on everyday. Find out what we’re doing for our planet, people, clients and communities.